Why Every Man Should Carry a Tactical Flashlight?

Self-defense-aside, having an easily-accessible best tactical flashlight at the side can save you some of your precious hours having to rummage through the house looking for one. This is especially true in cases where there is an immediate urgency for artificial lighting only possible with the portable kind.

While some may claim that a pocket knife is one of most useful and most versatile tool you can have in your Every Day Carry (EDC) toolkit, there is no denying that a tiny, portable flash light also deserves the special recognition it deserves. Likely, as a second best.

If you are from an area where electrical power supply is unstable which can go out at any time and could last for a long time, having a flash light handy during the night is a significant boon than being left paralyzed—not knowing where to go—in a place of total darkness.

Criteria of a Best Tactical FlashLight
There are already literally hundreds of models for a tactical flashlight you can choose from, many of which have overlapping features that can make the choosing of which is “best” rather confusing at the best-case scenario.

But if you are choosing an above-average tactical flashlight—many things considered—that suits your day-to-day needs, primarily self-defense, the following are the factors worth you are looking before making a needed purchase:

Size: While all tactical flashlights are generally small—tiny enough to fit on a light handgun—one of your main criteria for buying a tactical flashlight should be that it must indeed be small that it fits enough in your pocket as an Every Day Carry (EDC) tool.

Luminescence: If you want the best tactical flashlight that is temporarily blinding enough so as to not require an absolute darkness to work against a person, finding a tactical flashlight which emits a bright luminescence measured at least 120 lumens is critical. Anything less than 120 lumens is considered too weak to effectively disorient an enemy shaded in the dark.

Simple: Many tactical flashlights, through a sort of innovation, tried to be more than they are primarily designed for. Meaning, they contain bloated features that are otherwise unnecessary for a flashlight meant solely for self-defense. Instead of opting for a feature which lets you set the level of brightness your tactical flashlight emits, choose one that is fixated on just a single level—one that is bright enough to be used for defense.

We all know that the invention of flashlights has very, very old roots in history. But what of tactical flashlights?

Since they’re such innovative and simple machinery, you’d expect them to have a pretty old founding and creation date, right? Like with most everyday appliances? Sometimes curiosity gets the best of us, and you’re certainly not to blame. When you buy a flashlight, especially one that’s as huge as an investment as a tactical flashlight, you want to know everything about it to ensure you’re getting all of your money’s worth, after all! So add on, and discover how ordinary flashlights have branched out and evolved into other, far more useful appliances.

“Flashlights have been around for a while, right?” You might ask. “So does that mean tactical flashlights are old, too?”
The answer to your first question is yes, this is indeed true, however, it would take years after the invention of the first flashlight before the term “tactical flashlight” is coined. The ordinary flashlight was invented by David Misell in the year 1899, however, that one was run on incandescent light. But the type of light bulbs used in the tactical flashlights we all know and love are LED light bulbs, which are far stronger and more reliable, given that they have a lifespan and electrical efficiency far greater than that of the older, more old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs. Given these positives, it is no wonder they are the type of lights used in modern flashlights, most especially tactical ones. These LED lights were invented in the 1900s with both the efforts of Nick Holonyak and Oleg Yosev- so if you’re completely and utterly in love with the perks of your tactical flashlight, they’re some of the people you have to thank!

But that’s just talking about the bulb inside the flashlight or the light source! If we’re talking about when and who invented the tactical flashlight, that’s another different story entirely. It remains unsure and unknown which company was the first to develop, name, and patent these tactical, but that definitely doesn’t undermine their use in daily life.

The bulbs in tactical flashlights are like LEDs in usual flashlights, but this time is engineered to emit a far, far brighter light than the regular ones. Many figures of authority and importance use these flashlights, from normal mall security and police to the member the S.W.A.T team. They have lots of history, which is most especially embedded in the work areas of public servants such as soldiers, policemen, and the like. They’re the best and the brightest, which is no wonder they are considered to be the best flashlights for police as well as the best military tactical flashlights. Those sorts of people aren’t the only ones who can own tactical flashlights; however, you should definitely get one yourself for safety’s sake.
If you’re curious about the difference between an ordinary flashlight and a tactical flashlight and are far too skeptical to spend and invest your money on the latter, then it would be a good decision to just keep on reading- because there happens to be plenty of differences which the normal, inexperienced individual may not always be able to perceive.

Normal, everyday flashlights are generally simple enough to understand and operate. Most flashlights are turned on and off with a physical switch, usually placed onto the body of the appliance. Other times, rather than an on/off switch it is a button, but these on/off options are rarely ever placed on the bottom of the flashlight given that most of them are quite hefty in terms of their weight.

“What is the difference between the function of the two?” Is a question you might ask. The normal flashlight tends to work the same way as the tactical flashlights when you consider it in terms of the mechanisms. But the main difference is that with ordinary flashlights, the batteries are disposable  – meaning you will not be able to charge them again no matter how much you try, unlike with most tactical flashlights which come equipped with the convenience and savings of a rechargeable (usually lithium-ion) battery.

Another important thing to note is that most flashlights, especially ones signed for household use, are made with incandescent light bulbs. These bulbs use up a considerable amount of energy and battery juice, meaning they will, in turn, be of use for a much shorter period of time than when compared to tactical flashlights.
This is because tactical flashlights, unlike the regular ones, are equipped with bright LED lights which take up far less energy all while providing an extremely bright shine of light. Also, with tactical flashlights, you are given the option to choose from many different brightness settings. This means you will be able to use it as a dimmer light, a regular flashlight, or a full blown self-protective flashlight (the brightest setting). With ordinary flashlights, all you receive is merely a simple on and
off switch. There isn’t any customizability to the light emitted whatsoever.

Have you finally convinced yourself to buy a brand new tactical flashlight? You won’t regret it one bit. It’ll keep not only you but also your loved ones from imminent danger, and you’ll be able to bring it around wherever you go with ease and without worry! Flashlights aren’t considered to be lethal weapons, after all, so you’re not going to get detained by customs or anything of the sort. In order to get you started, why not take a look at these amazing tactical flashlights which are highly acclaimed and deemed to be the best of the best available on the market?

But hold on.
First and foremost, however, one needs to consider what exactly comprises a good tactical flashlight. Although most of the ones available on the market are of good quality, it’ll definitely hurt the bank to accidentally purchase one that happens to be the bad egg of the bunch. So, in order to be
able to get your money’s worth (tactical flashlights aren’t exactly the cheapest appliances available, after all) here is a list of points which consumers must consider when buying:

1.) Brightness. This is one important thing to look out for. As much as possible, you want to get a tactical flashlight with the highest brightness setting possible in order to be properly able to stun or temporarily block your assailant’s vision. A good maximum brightness range to look out for is 500-100 lumens.

2.) Durability. When you’re investing in something that isn’t cheap, of course, you’d want to make sure it lasts you the longest amount of time possible. This is why durability of the tactical flashlight is a must to keep in mind when buying. Usually, one can never go wrong with a steel or aluminum body they’re virtually indestructible and rarely ever get dented if you happen to drop one onto the ground.

3.) Battery life. When you have a best tactical flashlight, it goes without saying that it needs to be ready to whip out and be turned on at anytime and anywhere. This is why a good battery life is crucial.

You don’t want to be caught in a life-threatening situation only to realize your tactical flashlight has run out of juice. What you want to look out for is the best rechargeable flashlight, so you can refill it with energy wherever you go. No more having to buy expensive sets of disposable batteries any longer! You can just plug your tactical flashlight in your car battery and be ready on the go.

4.) Price. It’s no lie that some best tactical flashlights tend to be priced far too high than what they actually are worth, and a good way to buy one that has the most bang for your buck is making sure that they fit the three prerequisites above. Another wise decision would be to check for online reviews and unboxing videos because doing so will further ensure and increase the chances of you getting a product suited truly for you.

Are you a citizen concerned for your safety? In this day and age, where crimes run rampant, it is intelligent for an individual to keep their well-being in mind. There are plenty of ways to defend oneself from potential attackers, ranging from things like knives and weaponry to pepper spray and even umbrellas. However, in many locations, carrying such dangerous equipment might be illegal. But do you know what isn’t, and will most likely never be illegalized?

Flashlights. You might be confused by such a statement, you might be wondering how a measly flashlight is ever going to do anything to prevent people from attacking you, to keep you from danger. Well, of course, ordinary flashlights might not seem too useful, but the flashlight we’re talking about here is on a different level: the Tactical flashlight.

Tactical flashlights aren’t exactly something you can find in your basement or toolbox, no. These sorts of lights aren’t commonly used by normal, everyday people. They’re often held by persons of authority, such as security guards and the like- law enforcers, essentially. This is because tactical flashlights are far from the ordinary sort of flashlights. They are lighter and emit a far brighter light than a regular one would, which is a great help. You might scoff at the idea, and it’s understandable, but you need to consider the facts. A tactical flashlight is incredibly bright! Have you ever had the lights turned on while you were half-asleep? The sudden burst of bright energy hurts your eyes, doesn’t it? This sensation is amplified with a tactical flashlight! Anybody, be is a kidnapper or a thief, will be caught off guard and temporarily blinded.

The open period or frame of time will give you a small yet important opportunity to fight back against the assailant, or perhaps even to escape. And because they are lighter, you need not worry about lugging a heavy flashlight in your bag or back pocket all of the time. They’re easy to store and incredibly convenient.

And last but not least, these tactical flashlights aren’t made out of cheap; dingy and easily breakable material normal flashlights are made of such as plastic, no! Most tactical flashlights are crafted and created with high-grade aluminum, making them very durable. This durability and strengths might even serve as a weapon against a potential assailant! High-grade aluminum has the strength to smash and tear down car windows, so what more could it do to an unsuspecting criminal?

Now, even with all the positives listed above, you might still find purchasing a tactical flashlight a waste of time and money (which I assure you, definitely isn’t). If the information above just isn’t enough to make you turn your head, then here are some real, true to life stories from actual people who have had their day saved by a trusty and practical tactical flashlight.

The first story comes from James G. from Illinois. An excerpt from his experience, of which the full version is available at www.surefire.com, is the following:

“As I’m waiting, I scan the parking lot, and there is a very suspicious-looking guy standing next to a van, just waiting. He’s not getting in, and it just doesn’t look or feel right to me. I look back at the woman and—click, click, click—she is going to walk right by the van, and the guy is listening intently to every heel strike of her shoes and looking like he’s getting ready to pounce. So I pull out my SureFire flashlight and light the guy up, and he pounces all right—out from behind the van and across the parking lot, running full speed.”

James G., with his tactical flashlight, was able to save a woman from the wrath of a suspicious and likely extremely dangerous individual. That woman could have been your wife, your daughter, your aunt…perhaps even you! A tactical flashlight is all the more important to own if you happen to be of the female gender, because statistically, and very sadly, they are far more often targeted for violent acts than males. The tactical flashlight which was used in this certain situation is pictured down below.


image credit: bravocompanyusa

As you will likely notice, the flashlight is rather small, pocket sized, and will likely fit right in the palm of most individuals hands! If you happen to be a woman or just someone who happens to have rather small hands and doesn’t want to lug around a huge defense weapon or a flashlight, then you really need to look no further with these tactical flashlights! Want a bigger model? Worry not, because these flashlights come in all sorts of different shapes and size rendering them with the ability to adapt to your needs.

Another true to life story is from Jason Storm, who has posted a recounting of the table at the website www.defensivecarry.com. Here is a portion of his rather Goosebumps inducing situation:

“I was on the port visit during a ship deployment/cruise to Rome, Italy. My buddies were at McDonald’s getting some fast food while I waited and stood in front of the place. Then some disturbed man of Middle Eastern/Pakistani/Indian (can’t tell nowadays) walked up to me shouting in Italian. I got in a bladed de-escalation stance (palms up, shoulder width apart) as I ordered him to back off. As he came at arm’s length, I pushed him with my lead hand. He came at me again; push kicked him with my lead foot. Again, he came at me and this time I swept my jacket with my rear hand and pulled out my Surefire 6P Defender w/ crenelated strike bezel from my Surefire speed holster. Even before I got a chance to shine the light on him or if necessary, strike him on his head/neck, he ran away terrified, thinking I had a knife or gun, and bumping into other passersby in the process. As I scanned all around me for any other threats, my 2 buddies saw the whole thing. Although I appeared calm, my heart was beating rapidly. But I am glad no one got hurt. It never hurts to have a tactical light as it is my minimum for being armed. I can carry it anywhere in (even carried it on base and in court too) and outside the US as there are no current regulations as to flashlight carry. You never know what can transpire; I never leave home without it.”

In this story, the user of the tactical flashlight didn’t even need to try too hard in order to send his potential assailants running off for the fear of their lives! This is because the tactical flashlight boasts a sleek, simple aluminum design which most potential attackers might mistake as some sort of weapon. A lot of assailants tend not to go through with their plans when they think their victim might fight back, after all. The experience above shows that you will be able to avoid danger by simply carrying around a tactical flashlight with you wherever you go! It serves as a basic defense, a minimum defense against danger. What makes it better is that in most places, tactical flashlights aren’t actually considered weapons unlike with Swiss knives and pepper spray. This means that you will be able to have the ability to protect yourself, your loved ones, and even strangers without having to break out your fists—or break the law! You will be able to protect yourself in a manner which doesn’t incite any physical contact. After all, violence tends to only incite even more violence. The model of the tactical flashlight which Jason Storm used can be seen down below:



See? It’s sleek, and definitely, won’t be confiscated by customs or security guards when you travel around! Most people deem flashlights as perfectly harmless, after all, so you probably will never have to run into or face any legal troubles with this unique, convenient line of defense.

Are you still not convinced? Do you live in a safe area, and aren’t scared of walking through the allies alone at night for fear of any assailant? Even if you live in a great area with lots of security, you are still at risk of being a victim of other crimes. One example is a home invasion, something which can happen to anybody, no matter what kind of area they happen to reside in. Here’s a great story of how a tactical flashlight helped Ernest A. from California defend himself and his family against potential thieves and attackers:

“My wife and I are 62 years old and live in a semi-rural area. One night, while we were both in bed, our dog went into high alert, darting from window to window. He then started to bark, which he only does when someone is near the house. A male voice rang out from the darkness, calling a girl’s name. I told my wife not turn on lights and to call the police. The voice called out again: “Come out, there’s a big dog in the house.” He continued talking for about five minutes, and by this time I was fully dressed and had my SureFire M6LT Guardian®and Sig 228 in hand and was watching the guy through the window. Suddenly, he charged the house and landed two solid kicks on the back door, totally willing to face a very pissed-off big dog. He then went to our bedroom window, which I was on the other side of, and cut the screen and ripped it off in one motion before starting to climb through it. I fired up my M6LT and blasted its 900 lumens of light directly into his eyes, two feet from his face. He fell backward onto his back, out the window and completely disoriented. After a moment to recover, he got up and ran off into the darkness. The police came, and I gave a good description of his face, thanks to the bright light of my M6LT. They apprehended him near our home a short while later and took him into custody.”

Quite a scary story, isn’t it? Well, it also shows just how useful carrying a tactical flashlight is. The man in the story was 62 years old, and individuals who are of age or have disabilities will not possess the physical makeup or eyesight in order to hold weaponry such as guns and knives. They can’t protect themselves with those kinds of objects, simply because they aren’t strong enough to! That’s where tactical flashlights come in. They’re light, and can be used by just about anybody as long as they know how to flip a switch on and off! Because of the easy accessibility of the flashlight, the man in the story was able to send a criminal running off. Not only that, but even in the dark light, he was able to identify him because of the bright, blinding and disorienting light of his tactical flashlight. Surprised? You should be because the flashlight which Ernest used looked just like this:


image credit: BhPhotovideo

See? It fits right in your hand with ease, meaning people of all ages will be able to use it. This flashlight is slightly larger than usual which makes it easy to find in a dark or dimmed environment, just like when you are at home at night. It looks just like a regular flashlight, but with far more brightness and blinding power.

With all of the available positives and hardly any negatives, what more do you need to invest in a best tactical flashlight today? The stories above are not the only cases wherein people concerned for their safety have been saved from a potentially dangerous situation. Who knows what may have happened had they not had one available? Tactical flashlights are light, easy to use wherever and whenever you are and most importantly will allow you to fight back without having to resort to physical violence or anything of the sort. Get yourself, and your family members tactical flashlights as soon as possible- you can never be too safe, after all.


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