Top Rated and Best Tactical Flashlight Available on the Market

Well, you have every right to be. After all, who on earth in their right mind would think that they could stop a criminal with a simple flashlight? But the thing is, it isn’t just a normal flashlight we’re talking about here- it’s a best tactical flashlight. What exactly is a tactical flashlight? It’s just like a normal flashlight, but dozens of times brighter and far, far sturdier. It’s especially useful in a dark setting. Basically, what constitutes of a good tactical flashlight is incredible brightness, near indestructible properties, and a small, usually pocket sized stature. Read on to discover the brands which are deemed the best tactical flashlight available on the market, not in any specific order.


One of the more generic tactical flashlight. It appears to be just like a regular flashlight, but don’t be deceived because this one is far sturdier and far brighter than your ordinary toolbox light.


image: LApolicegear


Here is a list of the amazing features this tactical flashlight contains:

  • Notice how the flashlight just fits right into the palm of an average individual’s hand with relative ease? It’s compact, which is a huge plus.
  • Another great perk of this model is that it operates at three different brightness points, meaning that not only can you use this tactical flashlight in dangerous situations, but you may also use it as a regular flashlight. Its highest brightness point is nothing short of outstanding, ranging up to a blinding 1000 lumens that are sure to knock your opponents right off their feet. You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone when purchasing the R1 Lawman. If you’re looking for a generic tactical flashlight and aren’t exactly sure where to start, well you need to look no further.
  • This flashlight operates on batteries, meaning you’ll be able to take this whenever and wherever you’d like, be it simply at home or in the outdoors. Dismayed by disposable batteries and would rather charge? There’s no need to worry, because…
  • This tactical flashlight also comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries meaning you can replenish its energy anytime you want, as long as you have access to an electrical socket.
  • You’ll be able to bring this tactical flashlight wherever you want because of this dual-power feature.

And if you still remain skeptical, read this review of the product on Amazon:

Some people say I’m crazy for spending $400 on a flashlight. This light is blindingly bright. Using it as a tactical light is what this flashlight was made for. If my life depended on it this light will perform . You can even program the light as to how you want it to perform when using the endcap switch. The only part of this light that I don’t like is when you use regular cr23 batteries the max output drops from 1000 lumens to 500 lumens. I guess in a pinch it would be ok at 500 lumens. One other point is that I haven’t been able to locate an aftermarket lithium ion battery for this light. Other than those two small concerns this is an awesome light. Also purchased a kydex holder that is custom fit for this flashlight. I see myself using this light for years to come.”

See? This tactical flashlight provides a great amount of perks and privileges all contained in an easy to use mechanism made so simple that even the smallest of children might be able to learn how to control it. (Of course, placing one of these bright flashlights near toddlers is never a good idea).


This one also happens to run at the extreme brightness of 1000 lumens which can, in fact, burn an individual’s skin if pressed against it for a long period of time. Strange how much power a simple flashlight can hold, isn’t it?

This flashlight model is for the more experienced, and those looking for easier access and use. Want a picture? Look down below for a stylish rendition of the Fenix Flashlight.


image: fenixstore


Here are the features of this tactical flashlight, in more detailed:

  • As you can see, this model will fit right into the palm of any average individual and is perfect for those who know they will frequently use tactical flashlights, such as policemen or persons of authority as well as those who wander into the outdoors on a regular basis. This is because of its altered controls, which are focused mainly on the rear of the tactical flashlight instead of on the body like with the previous one.
  • This is far smaller than the first one as well, perfect for those who would like to keep their tactical flashlights in tiny spaces such as their shirt and coat pocket.

Doubting the authenticity and reliability of this product? Why not check out this review from Amazon in order to spur you on?

Ok guys here’s the review,

“I am a bit of a flashlight snob and I have a large supply of flashlights. I work in an industry where my flashlight is turned on and off in use 75+ times a day. I have had this light about 8 months. I have lights that cost in the $200 range for a rechargeable light, from Coast, Streamlight, Maglite, Surefire and the list goes on. This is hands down the best light I have ever owned and I put them through their paces. From being run over to dropped from 7 ft to being used as a hammer to get something to act up or just move. I use my lights and admit I abuse them. my job is to get it done and get it done fast. I additionally carry this light for personal defense and carry a hefty firearm at all times concealed. This is my” go to” to know what goes bump in the night or just the dark places. It is super bright, super lite, powerful, long winded (with good batteries), rugged, clip works well and positioned correctly for carrying, in or outside of your pocket. At $150 I would gladly purchase this light again If I had to. $70 for this light, this is a smoking good light and I give it 6 stars out of 5.Im not paid to say this or brag. I’m just an ordinary guy that won’t hesitate to tell ya that it’s a POS when it is. But this light is 100% money well spent. Be sure to pick up extra batteries too. I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with any light on the market in the long haul against the PD35tac. Period. Because I have put it to the test.”

That review was from Cj, and he or she makes the usefulness of the tactical flashlight rather obvious, don’t they? This light, powerful flashlight is a must have for those who know, in themselves, that they will be using the tactical flashlight on a regular basis.

THORFIRE TG06S Flashlight

  • This flashlight might pack less of a punch than the two aforementioned tactical flashlights, but rest assured that the function is practically the same. This time, however, such use has been compressed into a tiny tactical flashlight that not only fits the palm of your hand but at most barely even spans four of your fingers.
  • It also contains not only two or three brightness modes, but 5, fit for any occasion or use under the sun. This flashlight is best suited for those who are frequently on the go and just need something inside their bags as an extra measure of security. It’s perfect for that very purpose, given the tiny and minute design as well as the increased functionality.
  • It’s all-in-one in an incredibly tiny flashlight- what’s not to love?




See how tiny it is? Cute, isn’t it? This flashlight is also one of the most, if not the most highly rated tactical flashlight available for purchase online. But don’t merely take our word for it, why don’t you read one of the reviews put up on Amazon and see for yourself just how amazing of a reception this tiny gadget has received over the years.

GILDO: got this light as a supplement to my on-duty primary which is a Thrunite Ti4 penlight. I ditched my duty belt holstered Surefire as soon as we were issued molle on our body armour carriers which was about 3 years ago. The Thrunite did a great job for my needs but I found that I should probably carry a secondary light because it was so small and easy to lose.


I wanted a flashlight that was small, portable, robust, and took either AA or AAA batteries. I’ve never had a single battery flashlight before so this is a first for me. I also wanted this flashlight to be small enough to carry on the vest molle.

This flashlight does not disappoint. For a $17 price point you get a lot of bang for your buck. You can install a 14500 battery if you want to supercharge this puppy but for my needs I stick with AA copper tops that I get from work. The throw is good, the build quality is good, the pocket clip is good, the tail actuator button is excellent. I’m confident that this light can fall into a lake and I’ll have no issues using it a day later. My favourite aspect of this light….besides the price point… the green lume that’s been applied to the rim of the front glass. When you have the light on it charges the rim and leaves behind a green afterglow…”

Not only is it multifunctional and multi-portable, but it also runs for an extremely cheap price compared to other tactical flashlights available on the market (that includes the two flashlights we had advertised earlier). If you’re looking for something lightweight, more than portable, and at a very worth it price point, then you better get your shopping cart ready- no other tactical flashlight is going to satisfy you more than this one does.

Now that you’ve seen the TOP 3 BEST TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT available on the market, all that’s really left for you to do is decide – one of the hardest parts, considering how all of them are all useful and special in their own right. This tactical flashlight might seem pricey, and to you, they may be a little unnecessary but with price points as cheap as the last one, what more reason do you need to get yourself a best tactical flashlight?

It’s better to be prepared, after all, than to regret.

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